New Zealand Law Society congratulates new Justice Minister

New Zealand Law Society congratulates new Justice Minister

06 October 2014

The New Zealand Law Society has congratulated Amy Adams on her appointment as Minister of Justice.

Law Society Executive Director Christine Grice says that as a former law firm partner Ms Adams will have an excellent understanding of the needs of everyone involved in New Zealand’s justice system.

“The Law Society is looking forward to meeting and working with Ms Adams. As a lawyer in Christchurch she was an active participant in Law Society matters and we are sure this will have given her an appreciation of the issues facing the legal profession,” she says.

“The Lawyers and Conveyancers Act is now Ms Adams’ responsibility. This has the objective of maintaining public confidence in the provision of legal services, protecting the consumers of those services, and recognising the status of the legal profession.

“We are sure that under Ms Adams’ watch, New Zealand will continue to have a highly competent and client-focused profession.”

Ms Grice says the Law Society also congratulates Attorney-General Christopher Finlayson QC on continuing in his important role, and welcomes Simon Bridges as an Associate Minister of Justice.