5% of protection order legal aid applications declined

19 May 2015

During the two years to 30 April 2015 there were 6,957 people who applied for legal aid for the purpose of obtaining a protection order, Associate Justice Minister Simon Bridges says.

In response to a series of parliamentary questions for written answer from Labour MP Jacinda Adern, Mr Bridges has also revealed that 351 people - 5% of the total applicants - were refused legal aid to obtain a protection order in the two years to 30 April 2015. 

Replying to another question from Ms Adern on the average time for processing of a legal aid application, Mr Bridges has said it took an average of 1.5 business days for a legal aid application to be processed and a response to be sent to the applicant during April 2015.

Justice Minister Amy Adams responded to a question on the average cost of getting a protection order if a lawyer is used for the process as follows: "The Ministry of Justice does not collect information from lawyers on all bills rendered for protection orders."

Responding to another question from Ms Adern, Ms Adams provided details of the number of final protection orders granted nationally. She noted that the data includes orders granted under the Domestic Violence Act 1995 and the Sentencing Act 2002:

Final protection orders granted by calendar year

Year Final orders granted
2014 3,307
2013 2,914
2012 2,902
2011 2,812
2010 2,772